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'Lucena Barbers' History
Juan Lucena Santiago was born in Coín, Málaga in 1904. His father was a  
civil servant, and having moved to Almería, the Lucena family began their  
association with barbering.

In 1918 at the age of 14, he began work as an apprentice in the Peluquería  
In 1927, and now married, he moved to Barcelona where he officially  
became a barber. It was here in 1931 that Juan Lucena Fernández was  
born, later to become the founder of Lucena Barbers.

Due to the outbreak of the Civil War in 1936,the family returned to Almería,  
and there his father opened the Peluquería Ideal on the Paseo Principal.

At the end of 1947 they returned to Barcelona. His son (and later founder of  
Lucena Barbers) was now 16 years old and having trained in his father’s  
barbershop in  Almería, was  contracted to  “La  Barbería de San Pedro”  as
At the right Juan Lucena Fernández in 1954
In 1983 Juan’s youngest son Álvaro at 17 years old, decided to follow in the footsteps of his father, and in 1992 he assumed responsibility for the business.
To complete the association of the Lucenas in the business, Félix Lucena -the Álvaro's son- decides to start his barbershop studies in 2017. Ended these and after working out of our business to be formed, it joins in November, 2018 shaping this way the fourth generation of barbers Lucena.
primary barber. Four years later he was working in one of five luxury hairdressing salons for “Mendialdua”. In this salon he  
worked with 17 other barbers, 5 manicurists and 2 shoe cleaners. Years later, and with a better understanding of the  
hairdressing business in Barcelona, he decided to go ahead with his own project, and in 1958 opened his own barbershop  
at 96 Casanova Street in the district of the Eixample.
Juan Lucena, founder of Lucena Barbers, with his son Álvaro. 1993
Today we continue to offer our services at the location we have occupied for more than 50 years, and are proud to serve clients who have patronised us for generations from grandfather to grandson.
An endearing story (in spanish)
" ...encontré una barbería pequeñita, con un cartel que proclamaba: 'Corte de pelo esculpido a la navaja'... "
c/ Casanova, 96
08011 Barcelona
Hospital Clínic
14 - 20 - 37 - 59 - 63 - 64 - 66
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While the profession of BARBERO was totally  
discredited and in its place all professionals  
wanted to be stylist, unisex hairdresser or image  
consultant, we have maintained our essence  
and philosophy, to love the Barbero concept by  
tradition and vocation.

We have been constant with the image that  
identifies us, the colors of the Barber.
And, of course, we do not feel that we are  
rescuing traditions, we have lived in tradition.
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We accept credit cards
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